Jan 26 2016

Joga by Bjork (cover)

Jan 11 2016

Dec 21 2015


Dear Friends,

After 6 years of playing in Philadelphia, several DIY tours, over 600 shows and 4 albums, the time has come for the Underwater Sounds to come to an end…

All of us are looking forward to having time for experimentation, creative rejuvenation, relaxation and reflection. We haven’t stopped since 2009! It’s been a wild ride and we have worked so hard to sustain ourselves through our music. We are proud of the musical content we have created and released so far and we know that as musicians, this has been a pivotal point in all of our artistic journeys. We will continue to play and write – together and separately – exploring different projects, genres, and outlets.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us. The people who came to every show, the people who shared and actively spread our music. AND ultimately, the promoters, managers and producers who sacrificed their time and energy because they believed in us.

In celebration of our voyage, we would like to announce our last show as a band:

Friday February 5th 2016 – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Tickets: http://undergroundarts.org/

Leading up to the final-farewell show, we will be releasing various content we have been working on the past year. Please check out our newest video for “My Future” posted above.

Our last album (Visions of Love & Light pt.2) will be released day-of-show and a download card of the album will be issued upon entrance of the show.

Thank you all for the years of love & light. Please keep in touch. We also hope you can join us for this very special celebration of our love for each other, for philly’s music scene, and for all the support we have received.

Sonni, Ken, Sean, Billy and Dan
The Underwater Sounds

Huge thank you for all the love this weekend. Such incredible energy. Big shout to the Return 2 Roots crew for ALWAYS putting on such an inspirational event- Megan Ruppert, Meggi Connor, Bill Campion, Erich Miller and so many other loving/talented souls. Equally amazing experience closing out Philadelphia’s 2nd Street Festival on Sunday.. Noting but love for you all.

Upcoming shows have been updated. Check out our schedule for the rest of the summer. Love & Light,