2014 PHL LIVE Awards –  World Music Winner

2011-13 Asbury Park Music Awards –  Nominated for ‘Best Groove Band’ and ‘Top Female Vocalist’

2010 Voted #1 Debut Album by’s The Key  


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JUMP Magazine - 1.15.15 –  The Underwater Sounds: Legendary Misfits of Sounds  View Article

Labeling aside, the band coalesced into a distinct sound over the years, with each member providing an element of his or her own…. That is the mentality which makes The Sounds so accessible, even to those who normally won’t bother listening to reggae or jam music. Their live shows are legendary, with live art, stilt-walkers, hula-hoopers and fire-spinners complementing the trippy tunes.            



Visions of Love & Light delivers a fresh punch of all the things that bands have already fallen in love with about The Underwater Sounds. The album exhibits hypnotic grooves, layers of sounds, crazy time signatures, and a transcendent blend of reggae, funk, and jazz with their signature psychedelic touch. Sonni proves, once again, that she is truly one of Philly’s great natural resources. This album really shows off their chops and showcases how tapped in they are as a band. “Rawness” and precision represent the hallmark of Visions of Love & Light Pt 1 musically…. My review of Visions of Love & Light can be summed up in two words—totally righteous.


Tri State Indie - 4.1.14 - #FunkyDanceGrooveJamRock with Catallus, Underwater Sounds, and The Mantras at XO Lounge      View Article

The Underwater Sounds have been one of my favorite local bands for several years now.  The band is fronted by Sonni Shine (guitar, vocals, songwriting) and she is an amazing talent.  This band is a great vehicle for her vocal grooves and funky guitar, which set the tone for a style of reggae beat music that is unique in it’s approach.  Many of the songs are downtempo, almost psybient sounding jams, and Sonni’s hypnotic voice draws you right into the groove.  The lyrics are positive and inspirational, and vibe is very chill.  You can read Sonni’s beautiful lyrics to the songs on their new album HERE and the album will be out soon.


Tri State Indie - 5.12.12 – May Flora Fest 2       View Article

The Underwater Sounds have catchy vocals and well thought out lyrics while still having jammed out instrumental sequences and laid back, reagaee sound. This group kept the crowd dancing for their set and truly showed this festival that they were the headliners.


Her Campus Magazine – 3.17.12Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds Shed Some Light       View Article

Revolutionary, loving and rebellious are a few words that could be used to describe this fusion band.

Angelica Music – 12.2011Sun Shines In The Underground      View Article

Touring, playing as much as possible, and never giving up their individuality, Sonni Shine and the boys have made a full-length album that really sounds like their musical mission. It’s sincere, honest, and well-thought out. They may be from the City of Brotherly Love, but they chose the sound of Universal Love, and that’s righteous.


HeadSpace Magazine – 11.2.11Stir Fry Music Revival Continues Their Takeover Of  the PA Fall Festies View Article

 This band really showed that they have the potential to be big as they managed to successfully incorporate elements of jam, funk, reggae, soul, R&B, and jazz at times.